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lokalizacja willi puck

Willa Puck

ul. 1 Maja 12

84-100 Puck



phone: +48 58 746 38 98



Seal Hunter Settlement Cultural Park in Rzucewo


In the Neolithic Age seal hunters used to live by the lake which transformed into what is now being known as the Puck Bay. Their settlement was situated at the slope of Hurst of Puck (Kepa Pucka) and so called Rzucewo Headland (Cypel Rzucewski).
The settlement was discovered in 1894. The first excavation works took place between 1927 and 1929. The discovery was so important and significant for the archaeology that the term ‘Rzucewo Culture’ was introduced in 1930.
The archaeology research restarted in 1984 and has been carried out since then by Archaeological Museum in Gdansk. The study has confirmed that the area was first settled by as early as 500 BC.  Residential and farm buildings which were built between 19th and 20th century can be found in the Hurst of Puck. In Modern Age fishermen and farmers settled the land.
The land is supervised by Puck Council. In 2008 the name ‘Seal Hunter Settlement - Cultural Park in Rzucewo’ was created.